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Archive of Issues

Problems of criminal procedure

Operational units of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine as subjects of crime counteraction

Authors: Грібов М.Л.| Hribov M.L., Черняк А.М.| Chernyak A.M.

Year: 2018

Presumption of release of a person from custody as a standard for ensuring fundamental rights in criminal proceedings

Author: Громова М.Є.| Gromova M.E.

Year: 2018

Verification of testimonies on a place as type of investigative experiment

Authors: Дунаєвська Л.Г.| Dunaevska L.G., Пилипчук О.П.| Pylypchuk O.P.

Year: 2018

The providing of counsel participation in the criminal proceedure as a guarantee of access to justice

Authors: Костюченко О.Ю.| Kostiuchenko O.Yu., Гембарська В.Г.| Gembarska V.G.

Year: 2018

The standards of proof in the system of the conceptual-categorical apparatus of the theory of criminal procedural proof

Author: Крет Г.Р.| Kret G.R.

Year: 2018

Legal guarantees of individual rights during examination: current state, relevant issues and ways of solution

Authors: Кучинська О.П.| Kuchinska O.P., Щиголь О.В.| Shchyhol O.V.

Year: 2018

Legal detention in the criminal process of Ukraine

Authors: Плахотнік О.В.| Plahotnik O.V., Краснова О.К.| Krasnova O.K.

Year: 2018

Declaring a person on the international wanted list: problems issues

Authors: Старенький О.C.| Starenkyi O.S., Погорецький М.А.| Pohoretskyi M.A.

Year: 2018

Specific questions of the correlation of investigator’s competence and reference

Author: Цуцкірідзе М.С.| Tsutskiridze M.S.

Year: 2018