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Archive of Issues

Problems of criminal procedure

Practical problems of reconciliation agreements in criminal proceedings

Author: Басиста І. В.| Basista I. V.

Year: 2017

The question seizure of property of third parties in criminal proceedings

Author: Верхогляд-Герасименко О. В.| Verhogliad-Gerasymenko H.V.

Year: 2017

Influence measure of criminal procedural law violations on the general fairness of the proceedings as a criterion for determining their materiality

Authors: Лобойко Л.М.| Loboyko L.M., Глинська Н.В.| Glynska N.V.

Year: 2017

The contents and the main directions of criminalistics security of covert investigative (search) actions

Author: Грібов М.Л.| Hribov M.L.

Year: 2017

On mandatory adoption in the preparatory proceedings the court reasoned decision to extend the application of pre-trial restrictions or its cancellation

Author: Костюченко О.Ю.| Kostiuchenko O.Yu.

Year: 2017

Theoretical and juristic analysis of the modern awareness of the definition «proving»

Authors: Котюк І. І.| Kotiuk I. I., Котюк О. І.| Kotiuk O. I.

Year: 2017

Normative regulation of the beginning of criminal proceedings

Authors: Лук`янчиков Є.Д.| Lukianchykov E.D., Лук`янчиков Б.Є.| Lukianchykov B.E.

Year: 2017

Simplified criminal procedure for misdemeanors: national and international aspects

Author: Нестор Н.В.| Nestor N.V.

Year: 2017

Improvement of the criminal procedure legislation of investigative jurisdiction of the preliminary investigation bodies

Authors: Погорецький М.А.| Pohoretskyi M.A., Волкотруб С. Г.| Volkotrub S.H.

Year: 2017

Regarding definition of investigators (search) action as a means of obtaining evidence in criminal proceedings for juveniles

Authors: Старенький О.C.| Starenkyi O.S., Сергєєва Д.Б.| Serhieieva D.B.

Year: 2017

Interference in private communication during the investigation of crimes in international student exchange sphere

Author: Черняк А.М.| Chernyak A.M.

Year: 2017

Provocation (incitement) the person in committing the crime law enforcement body as a basis for termination of criminal proceedings or acquittal

Author: Шульгін С.О.| Shulgin S.O.

Year: 2017